Shark & Ray Easter Games

Key Information

When? Easter Schools Holidays

Where? Visitors to the NMA will be able to take part in fun challenges and activities that will pit them against some exciting elasmobranchs!

Who? This special holiday theme is suitable for all!


Everyone knows how amazing sharks are, but their closely related cousins Rays don’t always share the limelight. Until now! Our ‘Shark and Ray Easter Games’ which will showcase both shark-tastic sharks and ray-ly cool rays!  You’ll find out facts about these ocean animals that will blow your mind! Not only that, but you’ll be able to meet our very own famous shark and ray family including ‘Howie’ one of our massive Sand Tiger Sharks and ‘Coolwhip’ the giant Honeycomb Whiptail Ray who lives in our Great Barrier Reef Exhibit.

Any other information

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