Community Visits

Basic Community Explorer visit:

Visit the UK’s largest Aquarium. Our exhibits offer a therapeutic and inspirational space for community groups, allowing you to come face-to-face with your favourite sea-creatures during explorer visits. Experience the full wonder of the Ocean and its enchanting habitats, from the secret world of Atlantic rockpools to breath-taking tropical seas.

  • Group size must be 10 people or more.
  • Must pre-book on Digitickets via website.
  • Proof of registration on arrival.
  • Please note that these tickets do not come with a year pass. To receive a year pass please upgrade your tickets to standard day tickets (prices can be found here).

Community Workshops:

Upgrade your visit with a workshop from £2 per person. To make even more out of your time with us, why not add a workshop to your visit? Each of our workshops have a theme to them. Whether it is sensory activities, art, wellbeing or science we will work with you to ensure the activities meet the groups needs and interests. The workshops are designed to last 45 minutes to 1 hour, depending on group size and needs.

  • Must have a valid entry ticket to the Aquarium.
  • Must pre-book with one of our Community Engagement team at least 2 weeks before the date of the visit.
  • Proof of registration on arrival.

Workshop 1 – Squid Dissection

Explore how animals are adapted to live underwater by doing your very own dissection! With guidance from our team, you will be able to get hands on and discover the ins and outs of Squid, learning about the lives of these fascinating creatures! Recommended age: 8+ years

Workshop 2 – Ocean Plastics

Learn about the threats of ocean pollution, and how even the smallest of plastics can be a problem in the Ocean food web! Explore the ways that we can reduce these threats, Take part in designing your very own beeswax wrap, where you can create a pattern to go on it! Be inspired by the Ocean, the beach, or perhaps the vibrant colours that many of our marine friends have but know that your creation is helping to reduce the amount of single-use plastic entering our Ocean.

Workshop 3 – Sensory Under the Sea

Explore the wonders that the Ocean can offer the senses through our exciting sensory workshops. Act as animal rescue, using science to save critters from ice, and discover all the senses in exciting sorting activities. Recommended age: 3 to 8 years old, and for those with additional sensory needs

Workshop 4 – Virtual Reality

Dive head first into one of our exhibits and swim with our sharks, turtle and fish, without having to get wet! Our Ocean Discovery Rangers will guide you through what you can see, and help make your experience magical. Once you have finished your virtual reality experience, you will have the opportunity to explore some Ocean artefacts, and talk about what you have seen with your peers as well as our team! Recommended age: Any age!

Workshop 5 – Ocean Drifters and Art

Discover the secret world of plankton, by taking part in your own plankton trawl! Our Ocean Discovery Rangers will be on hand to show you how to catch the plankton, and then use a microscope to work out what types you have found. Once we have investigated these tiny creatures, you’ll then have the chance to create a piece of plankton art to take home! Recommended age: 8+ years

For enquiries or to book please contact our Community Engagement team at:

Community Aquarium Tours:

  • Must have a valid entry ticket to the Aquarium.
  • Must pre-book with one of our Community Engagement team at least 2 weeks before the date of the visit.
  • Proof of registration on arrival.

Group Guided Tour (additional £2 per person)

We can offer your group a 2-hour guided tour of the Aquarium specifically designed to suit the needs and interests of your Community group. Each tour is led by one of our Ocean Discovery Rangers who use their comprehensive knowledge of the exhibits, and many years of experience working with people of all ages to inspire and enthral your group.

Behind the Scenes at The Aquarium (£10 per person)

Explore the Behind the Scenes of the National Marine Aquarium with one of our Ocean Discovery Rangers and discover the secrets of the UK’s largest Aquarium. This one-hour experience will give community groups a chance to learn more about how our world class animal husbandry team care for 4000 animals across the Aquarium, from plankton to sharks!

*All visitors must be over 8 years old to participate in a VIP Behind the Scenes Tour

The National Marine Aquarium (NMA) is the UK’s largest aquarium, located in Britain’s Ocean City, Plymouth. It is run by the Ocean Conservation Trust, a charity dedicated to connecting people with the Ocean.

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