From the local waters of Plymouth Sound to the vibrant and colourful Great Barrier Reef, the National Marine Aquarium takes you on a journey across our Blue Planet. Take a look at our Aquarium Zones and what you may find when visiting our Aquarium!

Aquarium Zones

Plymouth Sound

We couldn’t not have a Plymouth Sound exhibit when we’re located on the waterfront in Plymouth’s Ocean City,  and what a waterfront it is! Plymouth Sound is the natural harbour found just outside the NMA’s doors. Our exhibit showcases some of the stunning and colourful animals. From what’s found in the rockpools around the coast, what lives beneath the shallow waves and we even have our very own shark nursery with eggs from our in house breeding programmes.

Water-way to start your visit!

Animals to look out for…

  • Starfish – Did you know starfish can regrow their limbs?
  • Boarfish – Our most famous Boarfish is named Denzel, look out for him in our Wave Tank!
  • Baby Catsharks – We won’t sing the world famous song (do, do, do, do) but these little cuties are amazing see up close.


British Coasts

In the centre of our Aquarium you’ll find our British Coasts area. Learn all about sustainable fishing, marine protected areas and the importance of seagrass. Then experience our iconic Eddystone Reef exhibit. Not only is the largest single viewing panel in the UK, it’s home to local sharks, rays and much more!

Explore the shore with British Coasts!

Animals to looks out…

  • Starry Smooth Hounds – These cool local water sharks have stunning ‘starry’ patterns on their top.
  • Stone Bass – Also known as Wreckfish these fish are one of many animals in the Aquarium that are target trained for feeding.
  • Flatfish – Get up close to the tank front and take a peek down. You’ll see some amazing species of flatfish sleeping on the bottom.

Atlantic Ocean

Start by exploring the wobbly world of jellyfish. See different shapes, sizes and colours. These amazing Ocean animals really are mesmerising.

Next head down into the Jawsome world of sharks and rays! Wrapped around our massive Atlantic Ocean Exhibit (the largest & deepest in the UK at a whopping 2.5 million litres!). End up in the demi tunnel and look down 11 metres and admire the stunning view.

Our Atlantic Ocean exhibit has some-fin for everyone!

Animals to look out for…

  • Green Turtle – One animal you’re HAVE to meet on your visit is Friday our Green Turtle
  • Sand Tiger Sharks – We have three Sand Tiger sharks here at the Aquarium. Howie is the largest and then siblings Ushaka and Mandela (captive bred sharks from South Africa) are next.
  • Barracuda – These fish have a bit of a bad rap (a Barracuda ate Nemo’s mum!) but they are stunning  to watch swim around the tank.
  • Eagle Rays – These amazing animals glide around the exhibit so smoothly. We’re the only Aquarium in the UK to have successfully have bred these (twice).

Blue Planet

Wander through our UV tunnel into the weird and wonderful Biozone! Meet colours animals from around the world. From famous movie stars (begins with N, ends with MO) to some not so famous but equally as cool tropical beauties.

Our Aquarium wouldn’t be complete without showing off the Great Barrier Reef. Our Australian inspired 650,000 litre reef exhibit showcases some of the most colourful fish found in the Ocean.

 Good g-reef this exhibit is great!

Animals to look out for…

  • Giant Pacific Octopus – One of the most intelligent animals in the Ocean, Octopuses can fit through any hole larger than their beak.
  • Humphead Wrasse – We’ve got two charismatic Humphead Wrasse in our Great Barrier Reef exhibit. Cooper and Mini are always showing off to our visitors.
  • Clownfish – Of course one of the most popular exhibits has to be our Clownfish exhibit. You’ll also spot some other characters from the famous Disney film in the area.

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