We couldn’t have a 6 part documentary series on BBC 2 without highlighting some of the amazing characters that make the show! This entire project was a team effort from everyone at the National Marine Aquarium, however here are the honourable mentions below!

Marcus our Curator

“We’re all going to die”

Marcus has been working at the NMA since 1999 and has worked his way up to curator. He leads the evolution of the aquarium and oversees the husbandry department.

Emma our Assistant Curator

“Friday bit me on my Bum!”

Emma leads the daily operations of the husbandry team, overseeing feeding, tank cleans and training our the rotation of interns we have.


Xav our Lead Biologist

Dedicated to giving our animals the best enrichment

After Xav’s unique Xav is part of our Animal Husbandry team, after coming from the Ocean Discovery Rangers. He plays a vital part in providing the best enrichment, did you see that lettuce pole?


Andrew our Support Biologist


Andrew works in our Plymouth Sound exhibit and works with the local species we have on display. He is also the owner of some very fabulous shirts!

El Diablo our Nurse Shark

The naughtiest boy!

Our new Nurse shark that made risky move from our acclamation tank to the top of our Atlantic Ocean tank. He came from Brighton aquarium in 2021 and is our resident naughty boy!

Larry our Lobster

Loves his cave and his cave’s love him

Larry has had several different moves during his time at the aquarium. He now has pride of place in the first tank in our Plymouth Sound exhibit. Be sure to check him out!

Friday our Green Sea Turtle

He loves a snack from time to time

Friday came from Bournemouth aquarium in 2017 and has been a favourite for our visitors ever since! He resides in our Atlantic Ocean Tank, the deepest in the UK!


Freyja our Ocean Engagement Manager

“Everyone deserves the opportunity to access the Ocean

Freyja wanted to be a marine biologist when she was 10 years old at the National Marine Aquarium. She loves community outreach especially with adults over 50. She loves crocheting and is a massive Taylor Swift fan! Explore more below!


Stu our Schools Programme Manager

Science is for the heart

Stu leads and develops the education programme that we run at the Aquarium. Working for the Ocean Conservation Trust he engages young minds about the Ocean through workshops, activities and exciting lessons! Discover his amazing programme below.


Safa our Ocean Discovery Ranger

Continuity nightmare

Safa is part of our Ocean Discovery Ranger team where she engages aquarium visitors about the Ocean. She has changed her hair more times than we’ve had hot dinners, rocking every style! Find out more about volunteering and work interns below!


Esther our ReMEDIES Project Education Officer

No one wants a hungry eel in their box

Esther is part of our Seagrass Restoration and Dive team. Her main role is to educate audiences on the vital seagrass projects we are part of. She also helps feeding the animals in our 3 main exhibits!


Zeus our Zebra Shark

Our resident bottom feeder

Zeus lives in our Atlantic Ocean exhibit and was the star of the show when Ian was developing as new feeding technique featuring the ‘definitely not a toy’ speedboat.

Hall of mirrors TV production company

Our documentary series, Secrets of the Aquarium, is brought to you by the talented Welsh production company, Hall of Mirrors. They are specialists in making factual entertainment and documentary series and have been behind the lens of some of the UK’s best loved shows. Their team spent a year filming at the Aquarium getting involved in everything that goes on here. As a result the TV show is as honest a portrayal as you will get of life working at an Aquarium.



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The National Marine Aquarium (NMA) is the UK’s largest aquarium, located in Britain’s Ocean City, Plymouth. It is run by the Ocean Conservation Trust, a charity dedicated to connecting people with the Ocean.

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