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The Nation's Aquarium


Visit the UK's largest aquarium and be amazed by our fascinating underwater world.

The National Marine Aquarium is the charity dedicated to raising awareness of the oceans, the challenges they face and the ways in which we can all help ensure they have a sustainable future.


We have over 70 sharks from more than ten different species.

The sharks on display range in size from the small Catsharks to the large Sand Tiger Sharks.

Rock Fish

"Seahorses are the only fish that swim upright"

"Mermaid purses are shark eggs!"

"Starfish can regrow lost arms"

"Crabs and lobsters can taste with their feet"

"Octopuses have three hearts and blue blood..."

"If a lobster loses a claw or an eye, it can grow another!"

"A group of jellyfish is called a smack"

"All Clownfish are born male"

"Jellyfish have existed for more than 650 million years"

"The Greenland shark can live for 200 years"

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Rock Fish Rock Fish
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11:00 Sharktastic Show Sharktastic Show
11:30 Rockpool Feed Rockpool Feed
12:00 Local Sealife Talk Local Sealife Talk
13:00 Octofactor Octofactor
13:30 Coral Show Coral Show
14:00 Dive Show Dive Show
14:30 Seahorse Talk Seahorse Talk
15:00 Sharktastic Show Sharktastic Show
15:30 Local Sealife Talk Local Sealife Talk
16:00 Predator Talk Predator Talk
16:30 Coral Show Coral Show
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