Ocean Literacy at the NMA

Modern life would be impossible without a healthy Ocean. It provides food for billions of people, drives the weather worldwide and gives us oxygen for every second breath.

The Ocean is teeming with life, from microscopic plankton to the mighty Blue Whale. Where the Ocean touches our shores, it touches our souls and evidence shows that being on, in or near to it restores our wellbeing.

We owe the Ocean a lot, but unsustainable practices are pushing our Ocean to its limits. If we look after the Ocean, it will continue to look after us.

We are the nation’s oldest Ocean Conservation Charity and thanks to your support, we are making a difference! Find out more about some of our key projects below.

Community Seagrass Initiative

Seagrass meadows are vital nursery grounds for commercial fisheries and sequester carbon more effectively than rainforests. Our successful Community Seagrass Initiative has already trained 450 citizen scientist volunteers, surveying 500 hectares of seagrass.

The NMA is continuing this unique seagrass work by deploying further eco moorings and preventing damage to existing beds. The NMA is also embarking on ambitious research with world-class partners. Developing techniques for growing seagrasses ex situ which can be transplanted into wild meadows, restoring habitats and offsetting carbon.

Plymouth Sound Initiative

The NMA sits on the shores of Plymouth Sound, a beautiful natural harbour and a Marine Protected Area. The NMA is the gateway to Plymouth Sound, facilitating exploration and enjoyment of this blue space. The proposed National Marine Park fits into our existing work with a wide variety of community stakeholders, all to create emotional and physical connections to the Ocean.

Discovery & Learning

The NMA champions the use of Ocean and marine examples in the national curriculum to foster an Ocean literate society. By pairing modern VR technology with innovative learning techniques, the NMA delivers a highly focused and effective curriculum-linked learning programme.

The NMA is extending the programme across the country, setting up further Schools Outreach Hubs, to ensure that all children have the opportunity to connect with and learn about the Ocean.

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