Visitor Charter

As part of our continued actions to protect the community regarding COVID-19 and keep our charity running, you are required to read the following Visitor Charter for the NMA and follow the changes we have made to our operations.

  • Please do not visit the NMA if you or anyone in your party is showing symptoms of COVID-19 related ill health.
  • Please do not visit the NMA if you or anyone in your party has had contact within the past 14 days with anyone showing symptoms of COVID-19 related ill-health.

To ensure the safety of all our customers and staff, we retain the right to refuse entry.

If our team feels your behaviour is inappropriate and doesn’t fit with our Visitor Charter set out below, you will be asked to leave immediately.

Our pledges to youYour pledges to us
Encourage social distancing by all visitors and staff.Maintain social distancing from staff and other visitors, following advice from the Government.
In line with new Government Guidance, we require all visitors to wear face coverings when indoors at the Aquarium (unless you are exempt). More information can be found on our FAQ page.
Provide our staff with the appropriate PPE for their roles to ensure their safety and yours.Wash hands immediately before entry to the Aquarium. Hand-wash facilities are provided.
Limit the number of visitors on-site at the Aquarium at once, to allow social distancing to be achievable.Follow good hygiene practices, by minimising touching of surfaces and washing and/or sanitising your hands frequently.
Place staff throughout the Aquarium to ensure social distancing measures are being adhered to by everyone on-site.Make purchases online where possible or use contactless payment. The NMA is now a cashless site. Contactless payments are available by bank card, apple pay or android payments and is limited to £45 per transaction.
Provide facilities to wash hands, and signpost you to your nearest handwashing station.Observe site signage and floor demarcations,particularly relating to our new COVID-19 controls.
Ensure all food and drinks are consumed within our designated picnic areas.Observe queue management instructions for ticketing, food service, retail, lifts and toilets
Regularly check and sanitise our exhibit areas, picnic areas and toilets.Stay behind the yellow & black tape and avoid touching the exhibit glass.
Postpone all of our usual Ocean Shows around the Aquarium to discourage crowds gathering.Follow the one-way customer flow and avoid travelling against the flow. There are opportunities to re-start your journey before you leave.
Make our Garden available for all visitors for picnicking or having a rest bite.Avoid handling a product until you are certain you want to make a purchase.
Treat all visitors with respect during their visit.Treat all staff and other visitors with respect.
Update our website regularly about the measures we have in place.Have FUN! And learn lots about the Ocean.
Inspire our visitors to connect and love the Ocean, through fun engagement.

The National Marine Aquarium (NMA) is the UK’s largest aquarium, located in Britain’s Ocean City, Plymouth. It is run by the Ocean Conservation Trust, a charity dedicated to connecting people with the Ocean.

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