Virtual Mermaid Experience For Schools

Our Virtual Mermaid Experience allows children to interact with our own resident mermaid, Marina! Students will be shown a range of fascinating under sea specimens such as shark jaws and turtle shells, have lots of fun pretending to be different sea creatures, learn weird and wonderful facts, and will have the opportunity to ask Marina questions about life under the sea. Each session will finish with an engaging and inspiring Ocean-themed story written by Marina herself. 

“Our children absolutely loved their encounter with Marina the Mermaid! They really enjoyed listening to her stories and learning about the variety of life under the sea”

Ms Brown, Reception Teacher 


  • 45-minute interactive session with Marina the Mermaid 
  • Access to exclusive pre-session and post-session resources, including a letter addressed to the children from Marina! 
  • £60 for a class up to 32 students (Including VAT) 
  • £30 per additional class (Including VAT) 


All sessions can be tailored to cover Ocean-themed topics of your choice, and when it comes to story time, you can choose from a collection of tales written by Marina herself. Each story provides a gentle and positive introduction to Ocean threats and conservation, and links to the EYFS Framework / KS1 National Curriculum in Science. Stories available include: 

Hulk’s new home: A hermit crab embarks on a mission across the beach to find himself a new home, finding friends in need of help along the way. 

Am I a dragon?: As a confused sea creature tries to find out what kind of animal she is, her friends teach her all about the variety of life under the sea. 

Something’s not quite right: After discovering their coral reef home is in trouble, a group of sea creatures go on an adventure to find a new place to live. 

What a mystery! A sperm whale comes across a mysterious object drifting through the Ocean and tries to discover what it is with the help of her deep-sea friends. 

A toothy tale: A lost whale shark attempts to find the owner of a shark tooth and learns a lot about the similarities and differences between sharks along the way. 

What’s that sound? A dolphin attempts to discover the source of a mysterious noise, and in doing so learns about the weird and wonderful ways that animals use sound under the sea. 

The unusual unicorn: A mother narwhal leaves the pod to search for her lost son, finding a range of arctic creatures in need of help during her journey. 


To arrange your Virtual Mermaid Experience, or to find out more, contact our Team at or call us direct on 01752 275233 


The National Marine Aquarium (NMA) is the UK’s largest aquarium, located in Britain’s Ocean City, Plymouth. It is run by the Ocean Conservation Trust, a charity dedicated to connecting people with the Ocean.

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