Outdoor learning with Ocean Todds

13th May 2019

After a successful pilot programme last summer, we’re taking our BIAZA award-winning toddler sessions back into the great outdoors with brand new Ocean Todds! Adventurous kids aged 2-4 years (and their daring grown-ups!) are given the chance to explore, discover, and adventure in the outdoors with our delightful host team. These hour-long morning sessions for you and your Todd are jam-packed with games, crafts, music and much more!
Find out what our toddlers have been up to so far on the programme – then why not sign up and join us this week?

Week 1

Plants are very important whether they are the trees in the park or the seaweed on the beach! They can be homes, food and shelter for lots of animals but they are also important for us! Take a big deep breath, all the oxygen you breathed in was made by plants on the land. Take another big breath in, all that oxygen came from plants in the sea!
This week, we wanted to find out as much as we could about the plants of land and sea! First, we looked at the plants we could see in the land using our magnifying glasses and our best scientist eyes. Next, we got to know some trees! The best way to get to know a tree is to feel it, look at the colours, give it a sniff and of course give it a great big hug! After getting to know the plants on the land we looked at some seaweed and explored what made it different to the land plants we saw before! We got creative and made some wonderful art using leaves, pine cones, moss and seaweeds to paint with and ended the session with story time and a sing song! Then it was time to play some games before practicing our animal sign language in front of the sea with our special sign language song. Thank you Best Years for supplying us with our lovely octopus Xena, she had a kraken time joining in with our games!


Week 2

Today our adventurous todds and daring grown-ups braved the rain, wind and sun to explore the great outdoors using our five senses! After practicing our animal sign language we went on a sensory scavenger hunt and used all of our senses to look for different textures, colours and even smells around us in nature. After a good explore we played some fun games, made giant waves with our parachute and had a good splash about on the muddy grass! Then we mixed up a batch of salt dough and made hanging decorations using cookie cutters and natural materials to make different textures. We rounded off the session with a lovely story and a sing song to celebrate braving all the elements! Come rain or shine there is always a ton of fun to be had in the great outdoors!


Week 3

Today our adventurous todds and daring grown-ups learnt all about colour in nature! We started with a magical story of The Rainbow Chips, the lovely tale of how colours first appeared after the first rainbow shattered into thousands of different fragments. As the different colours from the rainbow touched the trees, grass, ocean and animals they turned that colour! We used our very own Rainbow Chips and our trusty magnifying glasses to go looking for colours in nature. We then mixed our very own natural paints using berries, spices and our handy mashing sticks. After experimenting with our handmade paints and tidying up the last of the berries we played some lovely games and enjoyed chasing bubbles in the sunshine! It was a wonderful way to spend a Thursday morning out connecting with nature!


How to Join Us Next Time:

We will be running a session every Thursday morning during term time between 25th April and 25th July from 10:30-11:30 at Teats Hill beach, just around the corner from the NMA! Each session will cost £3 per 2-4 year old and spaces will be bookable in advance online through our website (https://nationalaquarium.digitickets.co.uk/event-tickets/15962).

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