Sound Fish: sustainable seafood book launch from the National Marine Aquarium and partners

24th May 2018

The National Marine Aquarium (NMA) hosted an industry launch event for Sound Fish, a sustainable seafood guide for Plymouth, Britain’s Ocean City yesterday (23 May 2018) with partners, local authorities and industry stakeholders in attendance.


Sound Fish: Know What You Eat is the latest piece in the National Marine Aquarium’s Reconnect Project – a project that aims to connect the people of Plymouth with the seafood they eat and champion the amazing variety of local, sustainable seafood landed on our doorstep. The guide showcases fifteen species that are rated as sustainable by the Marine Conservation Society, celebrates our fishing heritage in Plymouth and has information for consumers on where to buy, what to look for and even recipes to encourage them to move away from the Big 5 – Cod, Tuna, Haddock, Salmon and Prawns.

The guide has been made possible by working with individuals and organisations across the sector, contributing a plethora of benefits in kind from knowledge, skills, time, illustrations, facilities and resources as well as general support and guidance. The project embodies the NMA’s purpose ‘To connect us with our Oceans’, and the support detailed showcases the drive of Britain’s Ocean’s City to become a Sustainable Fish City that champions local provenance.


Based in the UK, the NMA is a conservation education charity providing informal learning experiences to more than 300,000 people who visit its 4,000 marine animals every year. As an educational charity, the team deliver formal curriculum-led learning to 30,000 children on site, and a further 10,000 through regional outreach. In its 20th year, the National Marine Aquarium has launched a national outreach programme with the first hubs in Cardiff and Newcastle. The charity has set itself a target of reaching one million school children and young families in a ten years.

Lauren Humphrey, Author of Sound Fish and Project Manager at the National Marine Aquarium, commented: “This publication has involved so many people in bringing it to fruition and has allowed us to build some amazing partnerships, ones that we are keen to foster going forward. The next phase will be getting the book out to the wider public. We want to remind consumers that they have the scope to drive change and what could be better than supporting our local industry and helping to safeguard our ocean resources for the future.”


Josh McCarty, Head of Marketing at the National Marine Aquarium, added: “This is an exciting step for marine awareness in Plymouth, and we are really proud at the NMA that with our partners, we can present useful and exciting recipes that can help foster behaviour change and spread Ocean Optimism.”


As an educational and marine conservation charity, the NMA relies on visitor funds and donations to continue its mission to connect us with our oceans. For more information, to book tickets and learn more about how you can support the NMA, visit: www.national-aquarium.com.

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