Sleeping with Sharks: Celebrating 10 years of sleepovers at the National Marine Aquarium

18th July 2016

The National Marine Aquarium in Plymouth is gearing up for a twilight takeover with a difference this summer holiday season – a sleepover with sharks!

Taking place on Friday 12 August, Sleeping with Sharks promises to be a super evening full of entertainment, amazement and celebration of the shark. Not only will it take place during the Aquarium’s Super Shark Summer, it will also celebrate 10 years of the popular event and allow visitors the opportunity to experience its brand new shark themed exhibition, Jawsome World of Sharks and Rays.

Sleeping with Sharks is an exciting way to see what happens in the underwater world at night. With the super heroes of the sea swimming silently overhead, their presence will fascinate anyone brave enough to spend the night in their company. A combination of entertainment and education, the evening is geared at getting across a greater understanding of the marine environment and how we all have a part in helping to keep it safe.

Suitable for children aged 5-15, the evening includes a twilight tour of the Aquarium, arts and crafts in the Just Add H2O Creative Centre, games around the building, a big screen movie in front of the Eddystone Reef tank, a midnight snack, finished off with a continental breakfast the following morning.

And to mark 10 years of Sleeping with Sharks events, guests will also be treated to a VIP performance of the Super Shark Show, get hands on with decorating anniversary cupcakes (which they can later devour!), receive a special Sleeping with Sharks 10 year anniversary badge and take part in a fancy dress competition, with prizes available for the best dressed Super Hero.

Since its launch in August 2006, the National Marine Aquarium has hosted over 200 Sleeping with Sharks sleepovers, with more than 12,000 people braving a night with the sharks just behind the glass. 500 bespoke tours of the Aquarium after-hours have been given, while over 15,000 sea creatures have been drawn in the  Just Add H2O Creative Centre. A whopping 1.4 metric tonnes of breakfast have been served to hungry sleepover goers the following morning in the Aquarium’s Waves Cafe.

Josh McCarty, Head of Marketing at the National Marine Aquarium, added: “We’re delighted to be celebrating 10 years of Sleeping with Sharks at the National Marine Aquarium. The sleepovers are a great way of entertaining children in a completely unique environment – they offer the perfect blend of fun and education, topped off with a night spent in-front of the mesmerizing shark tanks.

“Our upcoming sleepover will be extra special as we mark the 10th anniversary during our shark themed summer activity, Super Shark Summer. The sleepover will also be a great opportunity for our guests to experience our brand new shark themed exhibition Jawsome. There is so much to look forward to at this sleepover, it’s going to be a great night at the Aquarium!”

Sleeping with Sharks will be held during the Aquarium’s Super Shark Summer takeover. Taking place throughout the summer holidays (23 July – 4 September), Super Shark Summer will be celebrating the mighty Shark, with daily activities, shows and hands-on learning, exploring their amazing sixth sense, which some might call their ‘super power’!

Jawsome, the impressive new shark themed exhibition sees a number of new species of sharks and rays join the Aquarium family. Already the UK’s largest Aquarium, the new additions also mean the National Marine Aquarium now boasts the most shark and ray species at an Aquarium in the UK, with 30 different species and more than 100 individual sharks and rays on display.

A further Sleeping with Sharks sleepover will take place at the National Marine Aquarium on 28 October 2016.

Tickets cost £40 for children aged 5 and above, £30 for adults aged 16 and above. For more information, visit www.national-aquarium.co.uk.

Sleeping with Sharks – 10 year facts:

  • Over 200 sleepovers hosted since August 2006
  • Attended by more than 12,000 visitors
  • 500 tours of the Aquarium given
  • 15,000 sea creatures drawn in the Just Add H2O Creative Centre
  • Over 1.4 metric tonnes of breakfast served



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