Key Stage 3 and Above

Our research and evaluation shows that teenagers find the marine environment a stimulating and engaging topic. Whatever your subject, there’s a link to the National Curriculum in the world’s amazing Oceans and we’re here to help you find it.

Interactive Option:

Guided Tour £0.75 per student

The most recommended option from our visiting teachers, an Interactive Tour is a learning outside the classroom experience that can’t be beaten!  Allowing your students to be fully immersed in the awe inspiring exhibits of the Aquarium, our highly trained teaching team will work with you to meet the needs of your students and cover your National Curriculum learning objectives.

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Explorer VisitInteractive Tour
Entry to the Aquarium
National Curriculum links
Free Teacher Pre-visit
Risk assessment
Coach drop-off
Meet & Greet*
Bag Storage*
Lunch space*
Dedicated member of NMA staff
Guided exhibit tour
*-Limited availability during busy periods

Upgrade your visit with a workshop for £1.50 per student

The following workshops have been designed specifically with your secondary school students in mind. Each makes a fantastic addition to your Aquarium visit.  This allows your students to further explore key concepts and topics, in a fun and focused workshop led by our Discovery & Learning team. Click on a workshop below to find out more information, including the full Programme of Study.

Block Printing

Using inspiration from their day, students will create a piece of artwork by cutting their own stencil and printing on fabric.  These pieces can be taken away on the day for display at school or home.

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Plastic Seas

Investigate the stomach contents of a Hammerhead Shark to establish further knowledge and understanding of the marine ecosystem including concepts such as food chains, biomass and classification. We end the session with a group discussion on what we can do to help care for the Oceans.

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Students will be introduced to our Aqualab where they can conduct a series of chemistry based experiments to learn more about the Ocean including concepts such as pH, salinity and the nitrogen cycle.

More information

Classification and Food Webs

Using real examples from a terrestrial habitat and a marine habitat, students will explore the theories behind classification and food webs including genetic differences. Working in teams the two ecosystems will be completed and ultimately linked to show the connection between the land and our Oceans.

More information

Under the Knife

Take the opportunity to use our specialised AquaLab to work in scientific conditions, carrying out your own dissection. With opportunities to dissect fish or squid, many key curriculum concepts can be covered such as skeletal and muscular systems and nutrition and digestion.

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Fish market

Fish Market Tour

Visit our neighbours at Plymouth Fisheries, looking at fishing methods, equipment and how the market operates.


Behind the Scenes

Learn how our husbandry team cares for the welfare of the animals at the NMA.

STEM Shows £1.00 per student

Full of entertaining volunteer opportunities and engaging science demonstrations, our fun, interactive STEM Shows are guaranteed to provide lasting memories for students and teachers alike whilst reinforcing the learning experience.  STEM Shows are particularity suitable for larger groups and last approximately 30 minutes.

The following shows have been selected as the most suitable for secondary school students. Click on one of the links below for more information.

Our Blue Planet

The Our Blue Planet show is the perfect addition to a great day of discovering the Oceans.  This STEM Show highlights the conservation issues facing the Oceans and their inhabitants and will ensure your students leave with an understanding of how they can help.

Outdoor Learning

Boat Trips: £125 per class
Rockpooling: £100 per class
Snorkel Safari: £250 per group (max 15)

scientific boat trip

Scientific Boat Trips

Hop on board as we set sail around Plymouth Sound, investigating our local Ocean using a variety of scientific equipment and experiments.



Explore our local rockpools, learning how to safely find, identify and handle native coastal creatures

Snorkel Safari

Snorkel Safari

Learn the skills needed to dive beneath the waves, discovering the incredible marine life on our own coastline.

Adult prices & ratios

Free accompanying adults are welcome with all school groups within the following ratios:

  • 1:10 free adults for KS3 & 4 groups
  • Free additional adults in a full time 1:1 classroom support role
  • Extra adults at £6.50 each (above ratio)

Additional information for group leaders

The following downloadable documents provide additional information that may be helpful in organising your visit to the National Marine Aquarium:


All of our Workshops and STEM Shows are available as outreach activities so if you’d like us to bring the experience to you get in touch and we’ll give you a call to talk through your ideas.

To discuss a booking, or for further information contact us now using the form below, email us at learning@oceanconservationtrust.org , or call us direct on 01752 275 233

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