World Oceans Day

21st May 2018

World Oceans Day (8th June 2018) is an opportunity for people around the planet to experience, honour and celebrate the oceans that connect us! Working together we can protect our oceans and the amazing wildlife that rely on them. The main action focus this year is to prevent plastic pollution and encourage solutions for a healthy ocean.

The National Marine Aquarium is holding its own events you can get involved with to celebrate and support World Oceans Day! We’ll be spending all day at local beaches, cleaning them up and then taking part in a citizen science survey. We welcome the public to join us throughout the day to make an impact on our local oceans!

We’ll be starting the day at Bovisand Beach, before moving to Mount Batten Beach, and finally finishing on the Aquarium’s doorstep with Teat’s Hill Beach. Check social media for times closer to the day, we can provide all the equipment you need (except sturdy shoes). We can’t wait to see you there to join in a truly global celebration of the Ocean!

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