Plymouth is home to the second largest fish market in England.

The fishing industry is an important part of the city and the UK. It provides millions of pounds to local economies, as well as hundreds of jobs. However, UK consumers tend to eat five species of seafood: cod, salmon, prawns, haddock and tuna. This is despite the huge variety of seafood that is caught, landed and sold within the country.

Through Reconnect, the National Marine Aquarium aim to:

  • Encourage people to try new types of seafood.
  • Work with communities and give people tools so that they understand and enjoy the wonderful sustainable seafood that can be found around Britain.
  • Begin conversations between suppliers (e.g. fishmongers, chefs, fishermen) and consumers.
  • Support local businesses that buy, sell and promote sustainable seafood.
  • Ensure that seafood is available for future generations.

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