NMA Grants – Sea turtles conservation in Cape Coast, Ghana

18th October 2017

Sea turtles are important marine creatures that provide unique services to the marine and coastal environments. However, in the Cape Coast area of Ghana, these unique creatures bear the brunt of several human-related practices that negatively affect their well-being. As part of developing long term solutions to these negative human activities and secure the survival of sea turtles in the area we funded a project in Ghana through our NMA Grants scheme.

This project started in January 2016 in the Cape Coast area of Ghana. The overall goal was to reduce the threats posed to sea turtles. The activities carried out included training of 35 field volunteers, training of 32 fishermen in by-catch handling and release, 7 beach cleanup exercises and 10 community sea turtle conservation education programmes. Though there were some challenges especially with the Cape Coast School District authorities and initially with gathering fishermen for training, new strategies were developed to ensure that the project goals were achieved. Currently, we receive potential poaching and by-catch reports which helps us to dialogue with potential poachers to allow sea turtle releases. We have also received reports of some voluntary sea turtle releases by fishermen when sea turtles were caught in fishing gears.

Watch the video above to watch the project summary made by the team in Ghana.

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