Conservation Through Tourism

Healthy coral reefs are one of the most diverse and valuable ecosystems on our planet, providing a range of important and essential services including food, coastline protection and complex habitats for marine life.

The Conservation through Tourism Award is a project working with hotels in tropical destinations to minimise their impact on the marine environment through a process of training and assessment. There are three levels of achievement, each of which is designed to engage the hotel, their staff, holiday makers and the local community in a process of education, conservation and restoration.

The goal of the National Marine Aquarium is that once all stages of the scheme have been completed, a hotel will:

  • Have a greater understanding of the importance of the coral reef ecosystem to the economy and diversity of life;
  • Have taken steps to actively reduce impact of the hotel on the local marine environment;
  • Have become involved in restoration of the coral reef environment;
  • Engaged with the wider community to make a permanent and long-standing positive change.
  • Developed links with Non-Government Organisations locally to create of foundation of sustained change.

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