Community Seagrass Initiative

1st December 2015

Since we’re towards the end of the year we’ll start with the end. It’s been a positive year within seagrass monitoring, the project has steadily increased its volunteer numbers over the year and we’ve done a lot of diving, well it feels like we’ve done a lot of diving. Over the project area the team operated 31 dive days which is a lot of effort looking at seagrass, the issue is we should have done 44 days but since the weather was so temperamental we only got 31 days completed. To make up for the shortfall that means we’ve got 50 + dive days in 2016!

Having dived several of the beds in the project previously from a personal perspective the interesting part of the project has been to see how the beds vary in density and growth rate over the course of the year. No two beds are the same; they each have different characteristic and animal abundance that alters over the course of the year. Looking forward to 2016 to see how the beds change from season to season and year to year.

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