Choosing a conservation project

How to become a marine biologist

Aquariums hold a vital place in society to pass on conservation messages. The National Marine Aquariums ultimate aim is to conserve marine biodiversity by encouraging people to value the marine environment and undertake pro environmental behaviour in the form of small lifestyle changes. We often work in partnerships with other likeminded organisations. Projects and campaigns are always robustly audited, designed and developed to ensure that they meet at least five of the following criteria:


  1. There is a strong link to biodiversity conservation of the marine environment
  2. They are people based (social science/citizen science)
  3. The outcome of campaign is measurable
  4. There is a positive impact for local people
  5. Partners are credible
  6. Aquarium staffing levels are adequate
  7. There is funding available
  8. There is a link to the National Marine Aquarium storyline
  9. There is scope for interpretation/exhibit integration of the campaign


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