Bishopsgate Project

110 Bishopsgate (Salesforce Tower)

Salesforce Tower is a very prestigious office development in the City of London, at the time of completion it was the tallest building in that area housing 46 floors. It is situated very close to the other developments that make up the famous London skyline. Inside its all-glass entrance lobby stands their aquarium, the largest privately owned aquarium in the UK, which our team manage. We have three on-site staff to maintain it and then also staff from Plymouth will travel up to help out when required.

The aquarium is an impressive sight, standing on a 2metre high plinth behind the main welcome desk. It’s quite imposing, rising up 4 metres to where the smoked glass surround, housing some elements of the life support system, joins it to the ceiling. This gives the overall structure a height of around 12 metres. The rest of the life support system is then situated three floors below ground, giving the husbandry team some challenges aspects to deal with.
The aquarium itself is then 12metres long and 2metres wide, holding a carefully selected livestock mixture to represent what could be found on Heron Island in the Great Barrier Reef. This does mean we need to dive in the exhibit in order to keep it looking its best.

Whilst this is a privately owned aquarium we maintain it to the standards laid out for a public aquarium to ensure the highest standard of care. This means we can quarantine all new livestock in our facilities in Plymouth due to the space constraints in London.

While you're at the Aquarium

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