You may have spotted the BIAZA logo on our website and literature, so what is BIAZA and what does it mean to the National Marine Aquarium?

BIAZA, the British and Irish Association of Zoos and Aquariums, is the professional body representing over 100, almost all significant zoos and aquariums in Britain and Ireland. BIAZA facilitates connections between their members, to help achieve excellent animal welfare, education and conservation work. BIAZA coordinates and supports its members and helps promote the work of good zoos and aquariums.

Curator James Wright is the National Marine Aquarium’s representative for BIAZA and is secretary of the BIAZA Aquarium Working Group, organizing the annual National Aquarium Conference.

Our team is also part of the “Reef fishes breeding group”.

Discovery & Learning Manager, Nicola Murray is a member of the Learning and Volunteering Committee.

Dr Deborah Cracknell is a member of the BIAZA Research Committee.

Whilst our Press and PR team have helped create best practice documents for the other zoos press teams to use as reference.

All in all we like to be really involved with BIAZA as we feel this helps us develop as thought leaders and makes sure best practice is always a focus of our teams.

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