Have you noticed our latest little member of the team? These are the Loolas and guess what? The Loolas comes from Outer Space!

Loolas comes from Europa, Jupiter’s ocean moon and came here to Explore! Landing in our seas the Loolas wants to learn all about marine life and fell in love with all the creatures they made friends with. The Loolas want to learn everything there is to know about our oceans. Now these Loolas can be found around the Aquarium in areas such as Jawsome, next to the new Regal Tang and Clownfish tank as well as relaxing with Neptune our resident octopus! The Loola’s back home on Europa like to know how the exploring is going. So if you send your photos with Loola on social media, all the other Loolas can see where they are and how they’re doing.



Come down and meet the Loolas and you can Learn, Love and Act together!

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