How Your Event Helps Us

What does a venue booking with us mean?

Quite simply you are not just booking another function space that happens to have more than £22m of amazing marine aquaria. No you are supporting our charity to deliver a top visitor attraction experience, providing curriculum based learning to more than 30,000 school children each year, and facilitating conservation projects internationally and here in the UK.

A few projects that you help support:

1. Our community Seagrass Initiative which we spearheaded with partners across the south coast and with the benefit of Heritage Lottery Funding. The project explores the health of native seagrass beds across the south coast, home of the seahorse, seagrass is an important breeding ground for a range of shoaling fish and the project utilises volunteer divers, kayakers and was featured on the numerous news networks.

2. Conservation through Tourism Award – Mauritius Project – working with Beachcomber hotels we have developed a series of awards which help tourism businesses value and protect marine ecosystems – in this case coral reef.

3. Reconnect – This project is pro sustainable fishing and this year is focused on Sustainable Fish City which asks businesses and organisations in Plymouth to pledge to serve only sustainable fish, last year a lot of our focus was on Fish2Fork Blue City Award for which Plymouth was the first in the world.

So when your business makes a booking with us be proud as you are helping to make a difference to our blue planet.

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