What to expect from an Ocean Squad Activity Club…

2nd April 2019

With the first public Ocean Squad Activity Club of 2019 happening next week we thought we’d put together a blog to let you know what you can expect from a week long Ocean Squad! Read about the awesome Ocean activities we’ve got in store for all of the 11-15 year olds signed up…


  • Behind the Scenes Tour – Explore behind the scenes of the Aquarium, visit the tops of the tanks and see what our Biologist team gets up to.
  • Ocean Scientist – Join us in our lab and become an Ocean Scientist to discover how our Oceans work. Plus, there may be an explosion or two…


  • Snorkel Safari – Plunge beneath the waves and explore the fantastic sea creatures we have living on our very own doorstep. Never snorkelled before? We’ll teach you how!
  • Beach Fun – After the excitement of snorkelling, we’ll have chill out with a mini bbq, play some beach games, explore the rockpools or just splash around in the waves.


  • Sustainable Seafood Cooking – With help from our chefs, we’ll create a fantastic fishy dish for you to try. All the fish is locally caught and sustainable.
  • Engineering Challenge – Work together as a team to see if you can raise the shark by creating a hoist! Who will be the fastest team?


  • Sail on the Sound – We’ll be hopping on a boat and going for an explore around the Plymouth coastline. So many great things to see.
  • Conservation Video Planning – Time to release your passion of the marine environment by planning and starring in your very own conservation video. What message do you want the world to hear?


  • Conservation Production – Lights, camera, action! We’ll turn all that hard work into a video to show off to the world!
  • Friends and Family Afternoon – Time to show off everything you’ve done and all you know! Competitions, quizzes and prizes to be won!
(Timings – Morning Activity 10:00 – 12:30, Lunch 12:30 – 13:00, Afternoon Activity 13:00 – 15:00)

If you think this sounds like something your Ocean enthused teen might love why not book them onto one of our Ocean Squads? Places are just £115.00 per person and come with a t shirt, a usb stick of photos and videos from the week plus a year pass to the National Marine Aquarium.

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