We’re challenging YOU to become an Ocean Hero this May Half Term

9th May 2019

Here at the National Marine Aquarium we’re gearing up for a week of challenges this May Half Term. We’re giving visitors the chance to protect our Ocean by becoming Ocean Heroes!

Kicking off on Saturday 25th May and running until 2nd June, our May Half Term Challenge Week will shine a spotlight on issues currently facing our Ocean. Whether it’s plastic pollution or climate change we’ll be encouraging visitors to become Ocean Heroes by making small changes to their daily lives.

The activities running throughout the week will include an exciting trail taking visitors on an underwater journey through the Aquarium. Highlighting the small but hugely important things every single person can do to make a difference. Alongside this we’re inviting visitors to take part in a range of fun and educational games. Plus, you can make your very own pledge about what you plan to do to help our Ocean.

Our Half Term Challenge Week aims to convey this to our visitors in a fun and engaging way, giving them all some ideas to take away with them as to how they can become a part of the solution.

As an Ocean conservation charity here at the NMA we been working hard over our twenty-year history to connect people with the Ocean through a mix of education, communication, engaging with the public, schools and the wider community. Our Half Term Challenge Week is just the latest in a long line of events and activities designed to get people interacting and connecting with the sea.

Many people still don’t fully understand the importance of the Ocean and its impact upon their lives and in turn, their impact upon on it. It is our goal to change that. The Ocean sustains all life on Earth and is what makes our planet habitable – and with 50% of the oxygen we breathe coming from the Ocean, it is really is vital that we protect it. It supports a great diversity of life and ecosystems and is also a major influence on weather and climate.

We are all connected to the Ocean, and so it’s really important to us to help people understand that – and empower them to make that positive change in their lives to protect it.

The great news is that it really is the small changes that can make a big difference to the health of our Ocean – from walking or cycling to school or work, taking public transport or even just turning the lights off each time you leave a room. Many people don’t realise that doing these things can add up to a much larger impact, and our May Half Term Challenge Week is to help them to make that connection.

With over 4,000 Ocean animals to see and a range of breath-taking exhibits to explore, visitors during May Half Term will have plenty to see and do in addition to the Challenge Week activities. And, with the Sutton Harbour bridge now open and restoring a vital link with Plymouth’s historic Barbican, there has never been a better time to visit.

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