Toddler Blog: Wonderful Whales

15th January 2019

Today we had a fintastic time learning all about the giants of the ocean – the whales!

First, we practiced our animal sign language and then we learnt about the different parts of a whale’s body. Next, we went on an intrepid adventure through the aquarium to see if we could spot any whales. Having real whales in an aquarium isn’t allowed in this country but we did find a huge painting of a Blue whale and a model of a baby Humpback whale!

When we got back to the café we learnt about how some whales eat very small things, like tiny animals called krill! Instead of having teeth like we do, they have big baleen plates which help them catch the little bits of food from the water. To explore how these work, we did some sensory play trying to catch beads from the water using nets, tweezers, pipettes and combs.

Our experiments found that to catch the most ‘food’ it was best to use the big net, just like some whales use their baleen! We had a whale of a time splashing about!

3 facts:

– The biggest whale is the Blue whale and it is the largest animal alive today, it’s as big as six elephants! They are so ginormous that they could fit 100 people inside their mouths!
– Even though they are the largest animal in the ocean, some whales eat the teeniest, tiniest animals! One of a whale’s favourite foods is Krill! Krill is a teeny, tiny red prawn and they gobble up 4 tonnes a day (that’s the same weight as a hippo!).
– A long, long time ago whales looked very different! They evolved from a strange creature that looked a bit like a dog! It used to live by the sea and catch fish, over time it spent more and more time in the water. Their nostrils moved up to the top of their heads and this is how the whale got their blowholes!

Sign of the Week:  Whale

Use your hand to make a big whale tail and splash it into the sea!

Next Week:  We are learning all about the jawesome world of sharks!

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