Toddler Blog – Whales

15th November 2017

This week’s session overview

This week we had a whale bonanza! As well as practicing our sign language and exploring the aquarium, we learnt all about the different body parts of whales, the differences between baleen and toothed whales, looked at real whale artefacts, coloured in our own 3D whales and sang a song about everything we had learnt! We had a whale of a time!

3 facts about Whales

  1. A blue whale, the largest whale in the world, is up to 30 meters long and can fit 100 people inside it’s mouth!
  2. Sperm whales love to eat giant squid and dive 1000’s of meters down into the sea to hunt for them! They can hold their breath for around to 40 minutes this deep down!
  3. Whales are actually mammals, not fish! They have warm blood, hairy skin, have to breathe air and feed their babies milk just like us!

Sign of the week

Next Week:

Next week we will be looking at the weird and wonderful walrus!

When? Tuesday Mornings 10:30 – 11:30am during term time
Where? We are based in our Waves Cafe
Who? Anyone aged 2-4 years
Price? £1 per child* Please pay at the ticketing desk

*additional charge to entry

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