Toddler Blog – Triggerfish

15th May 2019

Today we continued our adventures on the coral reef by learning about the terrific triggerfish! First, we practiced our animal sign language using our fintastic sign language song and then we learnt all about the different parts of a triggerfish’s body. Then we went on an adventure to our Great Barrier Reef exhibit to see if we could find some triggerfish for ourselves. Since it was a glorious day we went out into the garden to play parachute games and catch bubbles in the wonderful sunshine. When we got back to the café we painted our own triggerfish and finished the session off with a lovely story and a sign along with our Coral Reef Song! A fintastic time was had by all!

Fintastic Trigger Fish Facts

  • Triggerfish have a special spine on their heads which they can lock into place. This means that they can stick themselves in cracks in the rock to sleep and they don’t drift off!
  • Triggerfish might look like they have very small mouths but they can chomp coral or shells in a single bite!
  • They can be quite cross so make sure that if you ever go diving and see one give it plenty of space! They have been known to nibble divers!

How can we look after coral reefs?

We can explore coral reefs by visiting them on boats, diving or snorkelling, but we need to be very careful because coral is very delicate, and we could break it! By looking after coral we can look after the trigger fish’s home!

Next Week: We are learning about all the amazing colours and patterns that you can find on the coral reefs!

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