Toddler Blog: The Open Ocean

8th January 2019

Today we began our odyssey of discovery as we set sail across the open ocean! First, we practiced our animal sign language and then we learnt the names of the five oceans which cover our planet. Next, we went down to see our Atlantic Ocean tank to look at what kinds of animals we could find out in the open ocean and see if we could spot any patterns and colours. Whilst we were down there we played lots of fun games and said hello to our beautiful sharks! When we got back to the café we made some party hats and covered them in shiny, upcycled paper scraps to make ourselves look like the shiny, silver fish we had just seen in the tank! We had a totally fintastic time learning about the open ocean together today!

What is the open ocean?

Our planet is over 70% water so really it should be called Planet Ocean, not Planet Earth! There are five oceans on Earth, these are called the Pacific, Atlantic, Indian, Southern and Artic. The largest is the Pacific Ocean and the smallest is the Arctic Ocean! Sometimes the ocean is so big that you can’t see land, we call this the open ocean.

Who lives there?

Some animals which live in the open ocean never ever come in close to the land, the bottom of the sea or even the top of the water. They swim their whole lives with water all around them and are always swimming! Animals you can find in the open ocean include sharks, whales, dolphins, jellyfish and plankton.

Lots of fish that we see in the open ocean are silver, this helps them to blend in and stay safe! When the light hits the water it makes the clever, silver fish very hard to see because they are so shiny!

How can we explore them?

We can explore the open ocean in lots of different ways! We can go swimming to explore the surface, we can go underwater to explore if we use SCUBA gear like the divers in the Aquarium do or we could go snorkelling! We can also go for an explore by going on a boat trip too if we don’t want to get our feet wet.

How can we look after them?

We need to help keep the oceans nice and clean so that all the animals can be healthy and happy in their home. We can do this by making sure that we always take our rubbish home with us when we go to the beach, take part in beach clean ups and try to recycle as much as we can!

Next Week: We will be having a whale of a time learning about the wonderful ocean giants called Whales!

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