Toddler Blog: Plankton

13th February 2019

Today we learnt all about one of the most important kind of animals in the sea, plankton!  First, we practiced our animal sign language and then we learnt about what makes plankton so special. When most people think of plankton, they imagine teeny tiny animals but being plankton isn’t about your size! It’s about how well you can swim! Anything which is plankton is a very bad swimmer and just drifts about in the water. These can be very small things like tiny plants or animals, but it can also mean big things like the Lion’s Mane Jellyfish which have tentacles longer than 4 buses!

Some animals are plankton when they are babies and they often look very different than when they are grownups, we played a matching game to see if we could work out who grows into what! Then we went on an adventure around the Aquarium to see if we could find any plankton, we found lots of Jellyfish and even spotted some small plankton that we feed to our animals. Then we went back to the café where we learnt all about Krill, a very important kind of plankton which whales love to eat! We decorated our own Krill made from upcycled cardboard with lots of lovely paints and then played some fun games. A fintastic time was had by all and we have all enjoyed learning about animals which live in the Open Ocean over the last 5 weeks!

What is Krill?

Krill are like teeny tiny lobsters, about the size of your finger which float around in the water! They eat tiny plants that float by and they catch these using their toes, this is called filter feeding! Whales love to eat Krill! They scoop them up in their mouths and Blue Whales can eat 8000lbs of krill every day! That’s the same weight as a hippo! Krill can also make their tummies light up, this is called bioluminescence and a big swarm of krill makes the ocean light up at night just like a sky full of stars!

Next Week:  This was our last Toddler Tuesdays session before February half term but we will be back on the 26th of February where we will be learning all about magical Mangrove Forests and all the creatures that live there!

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