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6th December 2017

This week at Toddler Tuesdays we have been exploring the crazy, colourful and crafty world of tiny crustaceans called Krill! We also practiced our sign language using singing and dancing, played a wonderful game of ‘What’s the Time Mr Whale?’ in the Wreck and made our very own colourful krill using lots of upcycled paper scraps!

3 Facts

  1. Krill can be found in every ocean around the world and there are more krill in the ocean than there are people on the land!
  2. Krill have special organs called photophores which let them glow in the dark! When an animal makes its own light it’s called bioluminescence, and this can be seen in lots of different sea animals and plants!
  3. Krill is a very important source of food for lots of creatures in the ocean like whales, seals, penguins, birds, fish, and squid! To protect themselves from being eaten, Krill swim together in a ball called a swarm! This works for most animals, but large whales can swallow these swarms in one big gulp!

Sign of the Week

Next Week

Next week we are looking at the majestic unicorns of the sea, the Narwhal! Come and join us for crafts, games, songs and learn about these wonderful creatures!

When? Tuesday Mornings 10:30 – 11:30am during term time
Where? We are based in our Waves Cafe
Who? Anyone aged 2-4 years
Price? £1 per child* Please pay at the ticketing desk

*additional charge to entry

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