Toddler Blog: Giant Squid!

22nd November 2018

Overview of this week’s Toddler Tuesdays:

Today we learnt all about the ginormous, goliath, gigantic Giant Squid! We practised our animal sign language, had a look at all the different body parts of a squid and then headed off for an explore around the Aquarium. We don’t have a Giant Squid here at the NMA so instead we went to see a close relative, Neptune the Giant Pacific Octopus. After saying ‘Hello’ to Neptune, we had some parachute play in front of our Eddystone tank to explore how Giant Squid move  and then we headed back to the Waves Café to paint our very own Giant Squid to take home!

Giant Pacific Octopus | Neptune | National Marine Aquarium

Who is it?

Giant squid are one of the biggest animals on the planet, they can grow up to 18m, that’s as long as a bus! Very little is known about them because they live down in very deep water, up to 6000ft down where it is hard for us to find them!

What makes it special?

Giant Squid live in the deep sea where there is very little light, so they have eyes the size of frisbees to help them find their food! Once they catch their food with their two long tentacles, Giant squid use their eight arms covered in suckers to move their food to their mouth. They have the same kind of mouth as a bird, a big beak made from keratin just like our fingernails and hair!

It is very difficult for us to find out about giant squid because they live somewhere which is very difficult for us to explore without special robots called ROVs (Remote Operated Vehicles). Sometimes we get exciting glimpses of giant squids from the videos that they send back!

How can we look after the Deep Sea?

Scientists have found rubbish in places in the deep sea where people have never even been before! We need to make sure that we stop rubbish going into the sea, we should always put our rubbish in the bin and we can help do beach cleans to help out our ocean.

Next Week: We are learning about the weird and wonderful world of deep sea sharks!

Toddler Tuesdays is limited to 15 spaces per session and tickets are sold on a first come, first served basis! Come along early to avoid disappointment.


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