Toddler Blog – Exploring the Deep Sea!

7th November 2018


Today we began our daring adventures and descended down into the deep sea! First, we practiced our animal sign language and then we learnt all about the different zones of the Ocean! As you go down deeper into the sea it gets darker and darker, colder and colder and the water above your head gets heavier and heavier, so life is very different in the deep sea!

As the sea becomes darker, you get different zones depending on how much light is there! We have the sunlight zone (0-200m), the twilight zone (200-1000m) and the midnight zone (1000-4000m). To explore these different zones we mixed inky golden syrup, dyed blue water and some oil to make our very own deep sea in a bottle! Why don’t you have a go at home?

We then went down to the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean tank, the deepest tank in the Aquarium, to play some fun games.  When we got back up to the Café we coloured in some deep sea creatures before finishing with a sing-a-long with our new deep sea song!

Deep Sea Facts:

  • The deepest part of the ocean that we have found so far is the Challenger Deep which is 10,900 m down! If we were to stand down there the pressure would be the same as having 100 elephants on top of your head.
  • At the bottom of the sea it is very cold, it can be anything from between 6⁰C (the bottom of your fridge) to 0⁰C (the temperature that ice freezes)!
  • As the pressure in the deep sea is so high we can’t send divers down to explore as they would get squished! So instead we need to send tiny robots called Remote Operated Vehicles or ROVs! These can take videos and gather information about what life is like in the deep sea!

Next Week: We are learning about the adorable, deep diving Denzel the Boarfish!

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