Toddler Blog: Deep Sea Octopuses

12th December 2018

Today we went on an odyssey of discovery to learn all about the odd world of the deep sea octopus! We practised our animal sign language, learnt about the different body parts of an octopus (they are very strange inside and out!) and then discovered all about a very special deep sea octopus – the Dumbo Octopus! Next, we went on an adventure around the Aquarium to find Neptune the Giant Pacific Octopus and then went to play some parachute games in front of our Eddystone tank. Finally, we went back up to the café and made ourselves some adorable little Dumbo octopuses made of upcycled toilet rolls and paper scraps!

What makes deep sea octopuses special?

Deep sea octopuses live in a place which is very challenging! It is very cold, very dark and they are squashed by the pressure of all the water sitting on top of their heads, so they do things a little differently! For example, most octopuses squirt out ink when they get scared but in the deep sea where it is so dark nobody would be able to see the ink so deep sea octopuses don’t make it!
Dumbo octopuses live up to 7000m down in the sea and look very different to other octopuses! They are a type of umbrella octopus, they are called this because their eight are all joined together by flaps of skin so they look like little umbrellas! Dumbo octopuses get their odd name because they have two ‘ears’ which they flap to travel through the deep, dark sea!

How can we look after the Deep Sea?

Scientists have found rubbish in places in the deep sea where people have never even been before! We need to make sure that we stop rubbish going into the sea, we should always put our rubbish in the bin and we can help do beach cleans to help out our ocean.

Next Week: We have only got one more session before we break up for Christmas and for our last session of 2018 we are learning all about marine snow! Don’t forget your Christmas jumpers!

Toddler Tuesdays is limited to 15 spaces per session and tickets are sold on a first come, first served basis! Come along early to avoid disappointment.

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