Snorkel the Turtle has sadly passed away

30th September 2016

It is with great sadness we here at the National Marine Aquarium have to announce the death of our much-loved Loggerhead turtle, Snorkel.

Snorkel, who was in her late 20’s and had been a resident at the Aquarium for over 15 years, suffered a number of health issues, including epilepsy and had recently undergone treatment, including surgery at the Royal Veterinarian College in London, for a blockage in her digestive system. Unfortunately as a result of underlying health issues, coupled with the strain of the operation, Snorkel passed away on 23 September.

Marcus Williams, Senior Biologist at the National Marine Aquarium, said: “We are incredibly saddened by Snorkel’s passing, as she was not only a firm favourite with our visitors, but also the team who cared for her on a daily basis.

“We are very fortunate to have had Snorkel at the Aquarium, this time has allowed us to learn a huge amount about how to care for her unique requirements. Her complex health issues, including epilepsy, impaired vision and shell deformity meant that without the continual care of our team, Snorkel would not have survived in to her late 20s, and certainly not if she had remained in the wild. Welfare knowledge gained will be shared with the wider community so others may benefit. She will be greatly missed by us all”

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