Seek the Polar Explorer Trail on Plymouth’s Waterfront this Winter

20th December 2018

Have you seen the polar bears on the Waterfront in Plymouth?

Hidden in shops, businesses and cafes across the Barbican and Royal William Yard there are 20 very cute models of little polar bear cubs. Your mission this winter is to find each bear, read the message that sits alongside it and write down the key word. When you have collected all 20 words you can complete your entry form and become a Polar Bear Explorer.

Don’t worry about doing the whole trail in one day, you can visit just 1 or 2 bears each time you visit the Waterfront area; there’s no rush as the bears will be waiting for you until  the beginning of March 2019.

There are lots of prizes you can win like a family ticket to the NMA or Dartmoor Zoo, WWF polar bear adoption packs and lots of other vouchers, tickets and memberships for local attractions. To us though the most exciting parts of the trail is finding out more about Polar bears, the sea and most importantly what we can all do to help look after the marine animals and the Ocean.

Did you know that things like straws, plastic bags and cups are often used only once and then thrown away? These items are a called ‘single use plastic’ and can often end up in our oceans causing lots of problems.

Let’s spread the word and all work together to help cut down on single use plastics. You can do very simple things like not using plastic straws, remembering your  own bags when you go shopping and recycling your rubbish. Think of things you can do at home, at school or at work and make a ‘plastic pledge’ that will make a real difference to the environment and especially to our oceans.

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