Our top three Ocean Dads this Father’s Day | National Marine Aquarium

10th June 2019

Happy Father’s Day from the NMA. We thought to celebrate we’d put together some of our favourite Ocean Fathers and what makes them so great!

Cardinal Fish

Cardinal Fish are mouthbrooders. This means the males carry all the eggs in their mouth for weeks, unable even to eat until they have hatched. Every few minutes the fish spit some of the eggs out to move them around before sucking them back in. Go Dad!


Seahorses are some of the only animals in the world where the males become pregnant. Potential mates will court for many days and once they mate, females will place up to 1,500 eggs in a small, specially-adapted pouch on the male’s body. They will stay secure with the male for weeks before emerging, with the females checking on her mate and the eggs daily.

Emperor Penguins

Male Emperor Penguins spend 60 days incubating their young, specifically with a feathered flap located on the tip of their feet. While protecting the eggs from the Arctic cold (with temperatures reaching as low as minus 40 degrees Celsius), the father emperor penguins do not eat a thing, causing them to lose as much as half of their total body weight.

For more Ocean Father facts why not visit us at the National Marine Aquarium. Don’t forget, Dads go free on Sunday 16th June.

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