Vincent the oscillated eagle ray (Aetobatus ocellaris) can be found in the UK’s deepest tank, the Atlantic Ocean tank, along with his female tanktmates Cuba and Kitts. Vincent is a very special ray here at the NMA, as he forms part of a breeding pair with Kitts, who have produced many adorable pups! One of their pups, Nevis, can be seen in our Great Barrier Reef Exhibit. Our group of eagle rays is the only one in the UK and we were the second only aquarium in Europe to be successful in breeding them. They have a sting like many other rays but rather than being located on the tail some way along, it is at the base of the tail instead.

Many rays and skates in the Aquarium like to spend the majority of their time on the sea floor. Oscillated eagle rays, however, are pelagic and swim actively all day long in the upper reaches of our immense Atlantic Ocean Tank. Look out for Vincent, Kitts, and Cuba in the uppermost window of the tank.

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