This is Denzel our boarfish. He’s very shy and likes hiding in the seaweed in our Wave Tank. Denzel was found by a fisherman in Plymouth who then gave him to us so that we could look after him. Why not see if you can spot him and say hello! If you fancy a bit of fun, why not send us a social media picture in front of the wave tank with the hashtag #guesswhereiam. If you get Denzel in the shot we’ll definitely share it with our fans and followers.

Boarfish Denzel

If you’ve visited us recently you may have noticed a shy little fish hiding in our Wave Tank in the Plymouth Sound area. This is Denzel, our Boarfish (Capros aper), who was donated to the aquarium by a local fisherman who had never seen a fish like him before! Denzel wasn’t very well when he arrived, but we nursed him back to health, and now he enjoys peeking out at his visitors!

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