Why Ocean Squad this Easter is the most exciting one yet!

16th February 2018

This Easter we welcome back Ocean Squad! The club designed for all teenagers between 11 and 15. This year there are SEVEN Ocean Squad’s which you could be taking part in. And with the first session just around the corner, here’s a couple of reasons why you can’t miss out:

Snorkel Safari

You’ve walked around the Aquarium, perhaps seen Blue Planet 2, but now it’s time for you to dive beneath the waves. You’ll be exploring the underwater life right here in Plymouth Sound. You’ll be amazed at just how many species of all different shapes, sizes and colours we have right here, in our very own waters. Never snorkelled before? Don’t worry, we’ll teach you.

Become an Ocean Scientist

Ever fancied being a marine biologist? Well you’ll get the chance to see exactly what these scientists get up to each and every day. Lab coats on and goggles down, as we’ll be taking part in loads of different science experiments, from exploring corals to dissecting marine creatures and even an explosion or two.

Brand New Science Cruise

We’ll be leaving the Aquarium and setting sail into the sea to discover more about what’s out and about in Plymouth Sound. We’ll be checking out some of the tiniest creatures in the ocean using our microscopes, seeing if any creatures have visited our lobster pots and exploring around the breakwater with underwater cameras.

Visit Restricted Areas

As an Ocean Squad member, you’ll be able to visit places that only our animal husbandry team are able to go. You’ll be seeing behind the scenes of some of our biggest tanks, including the enormous Atlantic Ocean tank with Friday the Turtle. Plus you’ll be able to see how we feed all 4000 of our animals, keeping them happy and healthy.

All the little extras

As well as all those activities from above, you’ll be creating your own sustainable seafood meals, designing and filming your own video and becoming an ocean engineer. Plus, we’ll give you an Ocean Squad T-shirt and memory stick with photos from your time with us. But the fun doesn’t just stop when the session ends, you’ll also get a year’s pass to the NMA and membership to the MBA’s Young Marine Biologist club. There is just so much packed into your Ocean Squad ticket, you will absolutely have an amazing time!

This really is the ultimate package for any teenager who enjoys our marine world! Whether you want to be a marine biologist, want to work in an Aquarium or just enjoy spending time near the sea, this is one you don’t want to miss out on. Tickets can be booked on our website: https://nationalaquarium.digitickets.co.uk/category/8637 or you can email us for more information on oceansquad@national-aquarium.co.uk. Hope to see you at an Ocean Squad

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