Creative Centre Blog – Waste-less Christmas

6th December 2017

As Christmas rolls around each year I’m flooded with lovely childhood memories of decorating our little Christmas tree, stringing the lights and hanging foil ornaments from the ceiling. New decorations are exciting, and never more exciting than when you’ve made them yourself! This December we’re exploring fun family crafts to make your house fantastically festive (plus help the Oceans as a bonus.)

Over the Christmas period, the NMA is trying to have a Waste-less Christmas. We want to reduce, reuse, and recycle our way through the holidays to have an exciting time for all, humans and animals alike. Have a look at what we’re doing and see if you can join us for a Waste-less Christmas period:

1. Up-cycling!
Throughout the year, members of staff collect and clean recyclable rubbish like bottle lids, straws, bottles, contact lenses wrappers, sweet wrappers, and even toilet roll tubes. These can all be used in the Creative Centre for public craft making! The only thing that isn’t upcycled is the coloured paper – but we recycle any scraps at the end of the day.
Up-cycling is a fantastic way of turning rubbish into something useful or decorative. Here are a few things we’ve made in the past:
• Whales from plastic cups,
• Sharks from toilet roll tubes,
• Sea Fans (out of a paper fan),

2. Decorating!
This year in our Oceans Gift Shop instead of buying Christmas decorations, we’re making them! As well as classics like recycled paper chains and snowflakes, the Creative Centre will offer three public crafts which can be taken home or donated to our Oceans Gift Shop: A reindeer bauble, a Christmas Tree Worm and a rather fancy jumper wearing Adélie Penguin.
There are many designs and patterns you can find online which not only make for great additions to your Christmas tree and help the planet, but they’re also a fun family activity for the festive season.

Environmental issues can be overwhelming, and sometimes you just don’t want to think about it. But it doesn’t have to be; a simple thing we all do is to reduce, reuse and recycle. Hopefully these crafts can make your Christmas a little more festive for the oceans too.

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