Our cool Creative Centre crafts!

6th December 2016

By Oleta Forde

Here at the National Marine Aquarium we like to give you the chance to explore the wonders of the marine world through Arts and Craft in our Creative Centre. Open on weekends and holidays we have crafts and colouring for visitors of all ages to join in with. Occasionally, we have colouring sheets in front of the Eddystone tank as colouring is a therapeutic way to just take a moment to relax and focus on the drawing in front of you.

Each month in the Creative Centre we have a different theme so you can learn about something new, even about some animals you won’t find in the aquarium.

When possible we upcycle unwanted items and turn them into marine creatures. There are so many crafts you can make out of ordinary objects.  In November we explored the Fireworks of the Sea. Creating our own Flower Hat Jellyfish from old yoghurt pots and newspapers and Fireworks Anemones from the cardboard of toilet rolls.


This December we  have moved on to the IUCN Red List where we are learning about some of the worlds marine species that are sadly critically endangered. We will be creating Leaf-Scaled Sea Snakes out of paper chains and last years Christmas crackers, have Christmas cards to colour in and on weekends we will have some drawings of other critically endangered animals that can be coloured in and put into a fridge magnet for you to take home.

Come join us from 11-3pm in the Creative Centre
for arts and crafts on weekends and all week in the holidays!

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