Marine Protected Areas

As well as our many stunning live exhibits, the National Marine Aquarium is also home to a range of educational and informative exhibits too.

Our Marine Protected Areas exhibit showcases the importance of looking after the waters that surround the UK. Working with our colleagues at Natural England, our Eddystone Reef exhibit is the perfect backdrop to communicate the importance of Marine Protected Areas in the UK.

With interactive interpretation, videos and maps showcasing the animals that live in them, our thousands of visitors can learn about these vital areas of conservation, then turn around and connect with the animals that may live in them in one of our many exhibits.

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Conservation films

The amazing films on offer all about the amazing animals found in UK MPAs. 

Other Aquarium Zones

The National Marine Aquarium (NMA) is the UK’s largest aquarium, located in Britain’s Ocean City, Plymouth. It is run by the Ocean Conservation Trust, a charity dedicated to connecting people with the Ocean.

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