5 Things that’ll make Summer Ocean Squad the best EVER!

11th August 2017

A blog by Joe Farrow – one of our Ocean Squad leaders

Its only a couple of weeks until Ocean Squad begins and even less time to buy your ticket! Thursday 17th August is the last day tickets will be on sale, don’t miss out!!

As our newest members of the Squad continue to sign themselves up, I thought I’d share a few things which will be really exciting over the five days. So, here are my top five highlights to look forward to with Ocean Squad:

1.Viewing the top of the shark tank.

Unless you’re a National Marine Aquarium boss, or one of the biologist team, almost nobody else gets to see the top of the Atlantic Ocean tank. This is the biggest tank in the UK and an incredible place to watch our rays, turtle and seven big sharks cruise around. Ocean Squad is probably the only chance you’ll get to see this tank from the top!

2.Preparing your own meal.

We’ll be joined by our head chef for the whole morning who will be on hand to guide the Squad in creating a sustainable seafood meal. It’ll be the groups job to chop and prepare the fish, before seasoning and cooking to perfection! The best bit is you get to eat your masterpiece!

3.The lab experiments.

Science is great! And we have some brilliant experiments lined up for the Squad. We’ll be mixing chemicals, creating small explosions and even dissecting some fish. There’s a little bit something for everyone in this session. Lab coats, gloves and safety goggles to the ready!

4.Beach fun day!

We’ll be joined by The Zone who will be taking us out to Firestone Bay for the whole day. We’ll learn how to snorkel and explore the rocky reefs, jump in the waves and play loads of beach games. This is going to be a fantastic day and I can’t wait to get started.

5.Adventure sail.

The biggest, best and definitely the icing on the Ocean Squad cake- the Adventure Sail. We’ll be joining The Island Trust on their tall ships as we head out into Plymouth Sound for a day-long adventure. It’ll be the teams job to put up the sails, navigate where we go and conduct science experiments along the way. You do not want to miss out on this!

So there are my top five moments I am most looking forward to. It’s not long now until we start so if you haven’t got your ticket, what are you waiting for? If you’ve got any questions or would like to know more, then email me on: oceansquad@national-aquarium.co.uk and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can. Hope to see you in the summer!

Joe Farrow- Ocean Squad leader

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