NMA Lates | Pints, Pies & PhDs

On Wednesday the 4th of December the NMA will be holding an adult-only evening as part of our NMA | Lates series – Pies, Pints and PhDs.

You’ll be awaited by a free pint, free mince pies and a chance to network following fascinating talks by PhD students.

What’s this? A free pint and mince pies? Tell me more!

That’s right – and not only are we offering free festive treats, but we’ve got four brilliant speakers for the night  (to be confirmed). The evening will be hosted by the inspirational Professor John Spicer from the University of Plymouth.

Talks for the evening so far:

  • Mapping the deep: there be dragons? (Amelia Bridges)
  • Above and Beyond the Horizon: Ocean, Science and the visual arts (Rachael Allain)
  • Fishing for phages – are there really viruses in our ocean? (Joanna Warwick-Dugdale)

Tickets are still on sale for this exclusive night starting at 18:00. Perfect for students or anyone with an interest in Marine Biology it’s definitely not one to miss.

Tickets are just £5.00 so why not book your place today?

Event Details

National Marine Aquarium
Wednesday 4th December
6pm (Talk starts at 7pm)
£5.00 per person

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