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The annual Buckland Lecture is back as part of our NMA Lates Series. We’ll have the fantastic Dr Lucy Hawkes here with our lecture on Atlantic Bluefin Tuna: ‘Superfish’ of the Oceans on

Tuna is a very famous species for its economic value and place in world fisheries, but very few people are aware of the amazing physical and physiological features that enable it to migrate over thousands of km, to reach speeds in excess of 60km per hour, and to feed and grow at a rate that allows it to reach nearly three metres in length.  Although it seems unlikely to many people, bluefin tuna were once common around the UK, but disappeared in the 1950s.  Bluefin tuna have recently begun to appear again much to the delight of wildlife observers and fishers.  The talk will focus on the biology and ecology of tuna in the context of its historical significance in the UK, as well as new research using the latest electronic and DNA technology to understand even more about this amazing fish.

Doors 6pm. Lecture starts 7pm. Pay bar available on the night and access to some areas before the talk starts.

FREE ENTRY | Registration is essential

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11th September 2019
18.00 - 21.00
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