Toddler Blog – Our Fangtastic Halloween session

30th October 2018

Today we had our scarily, ghoulish and hauntingly fun Halloween party with spooky costumes, creepy crafts and lots of ghastly fun! Firstly, we practised our animal sign language before learning a few new Halloween themed words for our party! Then we went on a quest around the Aquarium to see if we could find some special sea creatures with Halloween themed names and we found;

  • Goatfish as orange as pumpkins! They have special whiskers underneath their chins which they can use to help them find food in the sand. It would be a bit like having a tongue on the bottom of your chin!
  • Vampire Trigger fish! These have big, billowing black fins like a Vampire’s cape and have two little red fangs poking out of their mouths!
  • Pollack as white as ghosts! When they are babies, Pollack are green to help them hide in the seaweed but when they grow bigger and swim in the open ocean they turn white to blend in instead!
  • Creepy, crawly Spider crabs! Most crabs can only walk from side to side but Spider crabs are a little different and can also move backwards and forwards! This means that they can scuttle around just like spiders do!

Friday the Green Turtle absolutely loves Halloween! One of the Biologists carves a special pumpkin for him to eat and so when we all got back to the café the toddlers designed and decorated their own pumpkins with upcycled paper scraps!

A fangtastically fun time was had by all!

Next Week: We will begin our adventures into the Deep Sea!

Toddler Tuesdays is limited to 15 spaces per session and tickets are sold on a first come, first served basis! We have been having sold out sessions for the past few weeks so come along early to grab your ticket to avoid disappointment!

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