Toddler Blog: Colourful Clownfish

11th July 2018

This week we learned all about the colourful, crazy clownfish! After practicing our animal sign language, we talked about the different body parts of a fish and discovered about how clownfish can live in lovely, stingy anemones! We made an anemone out of pool noodles and pretended to be clownfish swimming in and out and then made some fabulous anemone hats out of upcycled paper scraps. Wearing our anemone hats we went to the Biozone to spot some clownfish and play some games before going back up to the café to learn about how clownfish look after their eggs!

3 facts:

  1. Clownfish live in a very strange house, they live inside the tentacles of a sea anemone! Most fish can’t live inside sea anemones because they will sting them but clownfish have a slimy coat which stops them getting stung!
  2. In the clownfish world, the biggest fish in the family is the mum and the smallest is the dad! There always has to be a mum in a clownfish family, so if the mum dies the dad becomes the new mum and changes from a boy to a girl!
  3. Clownfish lay up to 1000 eggs in one go and the dad will flap his fins over them to keep them nice and clean!

Sign of the Week:


Next Week: We are learning all about one of the most popular fish in the whole aquarium, Cooper the Napoleon Wrasse!

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