Supporting Friends of Glass at the Aquarium!

26th November 2018

Here at the National Marine Aquarium, we’re proud to be supporting Friends of Glass in their campaign to promote glass products over single-use packaging. Our Public Engagement team has been using a special glass jar to store wishes to the Ocean from the public. We’re so pleased that schools, and even Toddler Tuesday Tots are getting involved to create loads of these wishes! We’ll be continually logging wishes and posting them on social media so keep an eye out for yours!

What is Friends of Glass?

Friends of Glass is a community raising the awareness of glass for an alternative and improved packaging. They’re supporting a lifestyle which uses glass for three main reasons – health, taste and sustainability. Created by the European Container Glass Federation, FEVE, an international non-profit organisation committed to raising the awareness and use of glass. This includes glass packaging in food, drink, perfumery, cosmetics, and tableware. Friends of Glass unites people from different countries, companies and people from around Europe and beyond who agree that glass is the best choice of packaging for the benefit of the environment, economy, and personal health.

What makes Glass such a great choice?

Glass is the only packaging material available that is 100% inert and 100% recyclable. Other packaging can leach chemicals into your food and drink which is hazardous to your health and change the way food and drink tastes, but glass protects and preserves food without adding anything. Plus, it’s made of all natural materials and can be recycled infinitely without a loss in quality of purity. Friends of Glass believes that so many families and retailers are unaware of the benefits of using glass and are committed to raising awareness for a more sustainable and healthy lifestyle

In Summary:

  • Glass is durable, and stands the test of time. It’s no wonder glass has been used by humans for over 5000 years!
  • Glass benefits the food we eat as it doesn’t add any extra chemicals which effects the taste.
  • It’s endlessly recyclable and natural – so it’s not just safe for us, but the environment too. Other packaging like plastic can become dangerous waste, causing havoc to our Oceans and the animals within.  Glass, however, can be recycled and refilled an infinite amount of times without losing any quality.

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