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3rd August 2018

Over the last six weeks Teats Hill beach has been the home of a group of adventurous toddlers and daring grownups taking part in our first ever Ocean Todds sessions! Ocean Todds is our new outdoor toddler programme which was developed to connect toddlers and their grownups with our green and blue outdoor spaces through play, nature connection, hands on skills, and crafts.

Oh, what a wonderous time was had! Over our six weeks together we did beach exploring, colour finding, den building, monster making, treasure hunting, story telling, game playing, stick whittling, fire making, bubble catching and a lot of memory making!

The sessions were run by Lizzie from the National Marine Aquarium with support from Hayley and her lovely volunteers from Devon Wildlife Trust and Ash from Active Neighbourhoods Plymouth. These are just a few of our favourite things we got up to:

  • Dressing up like pirates and going on a treasure hunt on the beach!
  • Making our own tasty bread and cooking it on a camp fire!
  • Building little dens for soft toys and a bigger den for us to sit in for story time!
  • Using knives to peel bark off green wood to make Journey Sticks.
  • Using a bow saw and a power drill to make Ocean Todds medals.
  • Making Blobsters and Tree Monsters out of clay and natural bits and bobs.
  • Playing lots of games like What’s the Time Mr Whale?, Grandmother Eel’s Footsteps and catching loads of bubbles!
  • Exploring textures, colours and patterns in nature using Rainbow Chips and Sensory Plates.
  • Singing our Ocean Todds song and playing loud, shakey instruments!

Check out the gallery below for a snapshot of these jam-packed six sessions!

Due to the success of the Ocean Todds pilot, we will be looking to run regular Ocean Todds sessions in the future! Keep an eye on the National Marine Aquarium website and social media for more information coming soon!

Thank you to Hayley from Devon Wildlife Trust, Ash from Active Neighbourhoods Plymouth and to Lauren Friendship for capturing the magic with these lovely photographs!

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