Being a STEM ambassador by Roger

9th November 2015

To become a Stem Ambassador you need to have an interest in working with children and a passion to promote...

Snorkel’s Story

5th November 2015

Snorkel came to the National Marine Aquarium in 1998 from the old aquarium that used to be situated under the...

The Best Things About Working Within the Discovery and Learning Team

3rd November 2015

It’s a big, happy and slightly mad extended family, and as clichéd as that sounds, it really does describe the...

Karen Willcocks, Why I Love Teaching

20th October 2015

Hey there! As this is my first ever blog, I’m quite excited that I’m going to be writing about one...

Playing Favourites

4th October 2015

Trying to choose a favourite fish when working in the aquarium is a bit like choosing between your children or...

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